QF5161ZXX Garbage Truck with Detachable Body

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QF5161ZXX Garbage Truck with Detachable Body

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The QF5161ZXX garbage truck with detachable body is well received by virtue of the simple structure, convenient operation, high working efficiency, high mechanization level, and labour-saving performance.

1. The waste collection vehicle is installed with hydraulic dumping device for self waste discharging.
2. The turbocharged engine employed is characterized by low fuel consumption and first class quality.
3. Engineered with nationally advanced Category II chassis, the garbage truck with detachable body is environment friendly.
4. Controlled by hydraulic system, the waste discharging port for leak-proof garbage truck is practical and reliable for use.
5. Since the rubbish loading and transportation are conducted in enclosed state, the environment pollution is avoided, accordingly.
6. Employing MULTILIFT hook lift from Finland, our eco-friendly garbage truck is applicable for waste container in multiple lengths. In addition, the high strength of the hook lift makes for wide application of the product. Domestic hook lift is optional based on customer's requirement.
7. There is an explosion-proof valve installed on the hydraulic system for the container lifting device of the refuse collection vehicle.
8. The garbage truck with detachable body uses multiple interlock units, enhancing the safety performance of the product.

Technical Parameters

Product Model QF5020ZXX QF5161ZXX QF5251ZXX
Emission Standard National IV National IV National IV
Overall Dimensions (mm) (L×W×H) 4570×1570×1950 7210×2370×2890 8450×2500×3760
Engine Model 4A1-68C43 ISDe180 40/ ISDe245 40/ISDe270 40
ISDe185 40/ ISDe245 40/
ISDe210 40/ ISC8.3-245E40A
EQH180-40 ISC8.3-270E40A
Engine Power (kW) 50 132/136/155/132 184/198/180/180/198/215
Max. Total Mass (kg) 2450 16,000 24,900
Wheel Base (mm) 2700 4200/4500 4350+1300/4350+1350
Hook Lift Model and Lifting Capacity LBZ15/1.5 MULTILIFT LHT190/14t MULTILIFT LHS250/17t
LBH1442/14t T-18L/18t
T-13C/13t YHL16/16t
YHL10T/YHL14T LBH1852/18t
Hyva-14-42-S/14T LBH2055/20t
Matched Waste Container and Volume Transhipment Container (3.5m³) QF12LY/12m³ QF15LY/15m³
QF09LY/9m³ QF18LY/18m³