QF5021ZXX Garbage Truck with Detachable Body

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QF5021ZXX Garbage Truck with Detachable Body

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The QF5021ZXX garbage truck with detachable body is a kind of rubbish collection and transportation equipment particularly developed to satisfy diversified customer requirements. It is suitable for collecting and transporting waste in the places with small area, or where it has higher requirement on the noise level of the waste truck, such as side-street, residence community, factories and mines living quarter, campus, etc.

1. Requiring no auxiliary equipment, the product supports loading, transportation and garbage discharging.
2. One refuse collection vehicle is matched with multiple waste containers for circulated application, improving the service efficiency and reducing the cost.
3. The vehicle chassis for the garbage truck with detachable body is equipped with gasoline engine. The power-driven unit is environment friendly with small noise generated.
4. Simple and convenient, users can control the truck inside the cab. In addition to the labor intensity, the labor cost is reduced, accordingly.
5. No extra hydraulic system is needed, since the power driving device for the chassis is capable of controlling the operation of the hook lift.

Technical Parameters

Chassis Model Foton
Emission Standard National IV
Engine Model Cummins
Max. Lifting Capacity of Hook Lift (t) 1
Max. Self-discharging Angle (°) 45

Characteristic of Water Container

1. The garbage truck with detachable body is equipped with frame-style stainless steel waste container. Featuring nice appearance, little deformation, light weight, and high structural strength, the container is corrosion resistant with longer service life. In addition, waste container made of normal steel is optional.
2. To eliminate the second pollution to the environment, the backside of the container is sealed with rubber strip. Beside, the leakage-proof design, as well as the adjustable ratchet mechanism for the rear door locking unit, avoids the waste leakage (The hydraulically controlled auto door operator is optional).
3. The small land occupation makes for easy container transportation. No civil engineering is required.


Container FTX03 Movable Waste Container
Overall Dimensions (mm) 2220×1420×1130
Volume (m³) 2