MQF130SDE Electric Street Sweeper

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MQF130SDE Electric Street Sweeper

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Brief Introduction
MQF130SDE electric street sweeper is a type of battery-powered cleaning equipment characterized by high-level design, high operating speed and high working efficiency. It can provide more than five hours of continuous sweeping after charging. This maneuverable and convenient easy-to-use street cleaner can be applied to high-end communities, parks, plazas, school and other occasions.

1. Max. working width:1.3 meters; Max. vehicle speed: 8 km/h;
operating speed: 6 km/h; Max. hill climbing ability: 20%;
waste container volume: 120L; working efficiency: up to 7000 m²/h;
2. Main brush and side brush are mechanically controlled by a handle, which can effectively minimize the failure rate;
3. Height of the main brush can be manually adjusted so as to improve the cleaning efficiency;
4. Equipped with a dust filter and a vibrating dust cleaning device;
5. Configured with a vehicle back-up voice-alert system

Operation panel Height adjustment for main brush Drawer type waste container Mechanical adjustment lever
Technical data
Model MQF130SDE
Voltage (V) 48
Max. Vehicle Speed (km/h) 8
Hill Climbing Ability (%) ≥20
Max. Working width (mm) 1300
Working efficiency (m2/h) 7000
Waste Container Volume (L) 120
Min. Ground Clearance (mm) ≥60
Continuous working hours (h) 4-6
Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 1600×1300×1400
Weight (kg) 460