QF120E Ride-on Sweeper

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QF120E Ride-on Sweeper

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

This QF120E ride-on sweeper is a modern cleaning vehicle with advanced design and flexible operation. Driven by storage battery, it is able to keep working for 7 hours without stop after charging. Moreover, our product offers rapid and efficient cleaning in spite of indoor or outdoor applications.

Main Features
1.Our ride-on sweeper works with high efficiency. Driven by one person, it can finish the cleaning of an area of 8500m² in an hour and 68000 m² a day. One machine almost finishes the cleaning work that has done by eight persons.

2. With three automatic working modes installed, the machine is able to fulfill the needs of cleaning the entire floor only by pressing buttons.

3. This product is configured with the SLS automatic pressure regulatory system for brush, improving the main brush with a longer service life.

4. It is also equipped with a 4m² of dust filter and a 115L semi-automatic dumping dustbin that works with high dumping height. Moreover, the filter is cleaned automatically.

5. The climbing capacity of the machine reaches 16%.

Technical Parameters

Model QF120E
Travelling Motor600W, 200rpm
Roller Brush Motor500W, 3000rpm
Cleaning Motor180W
Side Brush Motor90-120rpm
Dust Vibrating Motor90W
Front Wheeld250×85
Back Wheeld250×85
Max. Operating Speed7km/h
Climbing Capacity16%
Roller Brushd280×750
Side Brushd.450
Cleaning Width1220mm
Work Efficiency8400m²/h
Dustbin Capacity115L
Battery4×6V, 190Ah
Filtration Area4m²
Dumping Height 940mm
Dustbin Weight100kg