MQF5070TSLF4 Road Sweeper

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MQF5070TSLF4 Road Sweeper

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The MQF5070TSLF4 road sweeper is the competitive product for promoting our industrial transformation and upgrade. Aside from the mature operating technology and stable performance, this product is also characterized by high cleaning efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection. Its main technical performance index ranks the leading level among the similar products at home.

1.Oustanding Sweeping Ability
Equipped with particular dust collection system, this road sweeper offers unique mechanical sweeping performance. Collocated with the revolutionary brushing disc with intelligently stretchable arm mounted in the front, the product expands the sweeping width to 2.8m at maximum. The cleaning efficiency exceeds 99%. Our product is able to sweep the sand granular and rubbish with the diameter less than 100mm. With the maximum capacity of sweeping 70000m² in an hour, it can replace 50 to 100 sanitation workers with equivalent performance.

2. Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection
Driven by single motor cooperated with hydraulic drive system, this machine only consumes averagely 30% fuel of other similar products in this field for hourly operation. Meanwhile, the emission of its engine meets the China IV standard.

3. Perfect Auxiliary Function
Apart from the extra powerful sweeping device, this road sweeper is also configured with water sprinkler system, leaf absorbing device, high pressure flusher and other devices. Therefore, it can eliminate dust through spraying water, fallen leaves and impurities in the greenbelts, clay and sludge bonded on the road and other rubbish.

4. Convenient Maintenance
Mounted with the advanced electronic control system, the product works extremely stable and it is convenient for operation. Moreover, it is introduced with specific maintenance period, performing with low failure rate.

Technical Specification

Items UnitParameters
Workability Max. Sweeping Widthmm2800
Sweeping Width of Main Brushmm1450
Sweeping Width of Main and Left Brushmm1850
Sweeping Width of Main and Right Brushmm1850
Sweeping Width of Main Brush, Left and Right Brushmm2250
Extension Distance of 3rd Brush mm600
Max. Sweeping Capacity m²/h70000
Driving Speed While Sweepingkm/h3~25
Volume of Water TankL370
Volume of Dustbin 3
WeightMachine Weightkg5200
Max. Weight with Load kg7200
Running Performance Max. Travelling Speed (Full Load)km/h40
Max. Climbing Ability%30
Braking Length (Full load at 30km/h) m≤10
Min. Turning Diameterm10
Oil Consumption (Running at 25km/h without sweeping) L/h4.8
Oil Consumption (Running at 10km/h
while Sweeping)
Structure SizeDimension (L×W×H)mm5700×2377×2244
Frond Track mm1504±15
Back Track mm1425±15
Min. Ground Clearancemm115
Max. Discharging Heightmm850
Max. Discharging Angle°55