Garbage Truck (Rear Loader)

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Garbage Truck (Rear Loader)

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

MQF5160ZYSD5 garbage truck with rear loader is developed and improved on the basis of the advanced European technology. Its specifications and performance are in line with the leading level in China. This dustbin lorry is mainly applied to the collection and transport of garbage in urban and rural roads, large factories, residential areas and schools and other places.

1. Manual control and PLC control enable all the operations to be easily and flexibly conducted in the cab, improving reliability, safety and comfort;
2. The lifting mechanism of the rear loader has a safety valve and anti-explosion valve, providing double protection and ensured safety;
3. The anti acid-base EPDM sealing strip guarantees the leak-proof composite structure; there are two sewage tanks collecting garbage in the front and at the rear, preventing the secondary pollution;
4. Equipped with advanced chassis, imported hydraulic components and electrical parts, this waste collection vehicle is ensured to have stable and reliable performance; its elegant and aesthetic drum-type structure is made of high-strength manganese steel, which is strong and durable;
5. Engine speed and power output can be adjusted automatically to reduce the fuel consumption and increase the economical efficiency;
6. Large volume, two-way waste compaction technology, horizontally positioned compaction cylinder, excellent compaction capacity and loading capacity;
7. The garbage loading mechanism can be equipped with a bucket (a 330L metal bucket or a 240L plastic barrel) or a robotic arm with a 5m³ ship-shaped bucket.

Good leak-proof performance; two sewage tanks in the front and at the rear avoid the secondary pollution. The lifting mechanism can be equipped with 240L bucket (single or double) or standard 360 L, 660 L, 1100 L buckets. The lifting mechanism has safety valve and anti-explosion valve, providing double protection.Manual control and PLC control both in the cab and at the rear allow easier and more flexible operation.
Technical Specification
Model MQF5160ZYSD5
Chassis Model DFL1160BX1V
Engine Model/power (kW) ISD210 50/155
Emission Standard GB V
Carriage Capacity (m³) 13.8
Stuffing capacity (m³) 1.7
Sewage capacity (L) 290+265
Top speed (km/h) 90
Max. working pressure (Mpa) 16
Outer size:L x W x H (mm) 8530×2500×3080
Top wroking weight (kg) 15800