Water Truck (With Water Spray System)

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Water Truck (With Water Spray System)

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

MQF5020GPSC5 water truck with water spray system is a multi-purpose cleansing vehicle characterized by the functions of irrigation, water spraying and fire fighting. It can be excellently used in local factories, municipal organizations, busy places and narrow roads in both rural areas and urban areas.

1. Simple start and easy operation;
2. The water truck can obtain water from water tank, self-priming, fire hydrant, etc.;
3. It can output water through water cannons, fire hose, etc.;
4. Equipped with various fire fighting tools, such as water cannon, dry powder fire extinguishers, fire ax, fire hose, straight stream nozzle, gas masks, etc.

Water inlet (compatible with fire hose) Fire escape mask Full view of Water TruckDry powder fire extinguisher
Technical Parameters
Model MQF5020GPSC5
Chassis Model SC1026S4N5
Engine Model JL466Q1/50.7
Emission Standard GB V
Low Pressure Water Pump Flow(m³/h) 30
Top Water Gun Ranges(m) ≥30
Dimensions(L × W× H)(mm) 4405x1520x2457
Truck Equipment Weight(kg) 1810