QF5160GQX Street Cleaning Truck

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QF5160GQX Street Cleaning Truck

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

As the updated version of the traditional watering cart, our QF5160GQX street cleaning truck is specially offered for cleaning dust on the street. It is distinguished by powerful cleaning, high working efficiency, and water conservation. Our high pressure street cleaning vehicle is generally used for municipal sanitation and landscaping.

1. Engineered in the shape of oblate ellipsoid, the automatic road cleaning truck has attractive appearance. Painted with imported finish, our product is able to satisfy the appearance standard for dedicated cleaning equipment.

2. The front retractable cleaning arm can automatically avoid obstacles on the road. In case the cleaning arm collides with curbstone, it will not get structurally damaged.

3. The three water curtains ensure optimal road cleaning effect. The mist baffle makes for small water fog splashing.

4. Adopting high pressure water pump driven by auxiliary engine, the street cleaning truck has efficient power transmission and high reliability. The high pressure cleaning and low pressure spray can be conducted, simultaneously.

5. To guarantee the long service life of the multi-function street cleaning truck, we import the critical components like high pressure water pump, precise nozzle, gas circuit element, and some others, resulting in reliable performance of the street cleaning truck.

6. As opposed to hydraulic system, our pneumatic system is featured by low cost, convenient maintenance and little oil leakage.

7. The large tank volume allows for long-time working. Coated with anti-corrosive paint, the tank inwall has outstanding corrosion resistance. The stainless steel tank is optional.

8. Our road cleaner has multiple functions, including street cleaning, powerful desilting, guardrail cleaning, high pressure vehicle cleaning, water spraying, etc.

9. In addition, based on customer's requirement, there are certain optional devices equipped for the street cleaning truck, such as mist sprayer, left and right flower watering device, lift platform, fence cleaning unit, sound barrier cleaning device, snow melting agent sprayer, and standby fire protection device.

Technical Parameters

Product Model QF5150GQX QF5160GQX
Chassis Model Foton
Emission Standard National IV
Engine Model/Power (kW) Cummins ISDe185 40/136
Max. Speed (km/h) 85 90
Working Width (m) 3.5
Working Speed (km/h) 0-25
Working Pressure (MPa) 10
Water Volume (L/min) 152
Tank Volume (m³) >9
Spaying Lift (m) 110
Spraying Water Volume (L/min) ≤833