QF5022ZLJ Garbage Truck with Dump Body

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QF5022ZLJ Garbage Truck with Dump Body

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

As a new generation rubbish collection vehicle, our QF5022ZLJ garbage truck with dump body is newly developed characterized by advanced performance, nice appearance, high durability and high reliability. Our multi-function garbage truck is widely used in municipal department, residential community, and large scale mine and factory.

1. It adopts stainless steel container designed with integrated framework, ensuring little deformation for long time application.

2. The hydraulically controlled self dumping device for the garbage truck with dump body improves the working efficiency of the product. In addition, the device for lifting the entire container is optional for transporting rubbish onto garbage truck with compactor, directly.

3. Equipped with new type locking mechanism, the rear door of the waste container is tightly sealed, realizing hermetical rubbish collection and transportation.

4. The leakproof garbage truck employs sewage collection tank to store the waste water oozed. It saves the time for secondary separation.

5. Aside from waste collection, the waste collection vehicle is installed with standard cleaning device (high pressure water injector is optional), to clean the trash can simultaneously. It effectively eliminates the pollution to the environment.

6. The optimized operating system and hydraulic power unit, as well as the electrically controlled hydraulic circuit, make it easier for the workers to control the truck inside the cab safely and conveniently.

7. Our garbage truck with dump body comes with domestically advanced Foton Category II chassis and gasoline engine. The emission conforms to National IV standard. In addition, the waste collection truck is also characterized by compact structure, low noise, easy maintenance, low oil consumption, high economical efficiency, and low failure rate.

8. The optional air condition creates comfortable working environment to the workers. Apart from the high working efficiency, the operator also enjoys a good mood at work.


Chassis Model Foton
Emission Standard National IV
Engine Model Cummins
Max. Speed (km/h) 98
Volume of Clear Water Tank (L) 180
Volume of Sewage Tank (L) 40
Garbage Tank Volume (m³) ≥2.3
Dumping Angel of Garbage Container (°) ≥45