QF5080ZYS Garbage Truck with Compactor

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QF5080ZYS Garbage Truck with Compactor

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Integrating the internationally advanced technology, the QF5080ZYS garbage truck with compactor is a kind of middle-scale waste collection vehicle distinguished by big loading capacity, little pollution, high reliability, and outstanding durability. It is our leading product in overseas market.

1. Simpe and attractive, the rubbish container is designed in arc shape, containing a movable rear coverplate with guiding slot. So, the entire rubbish container is fully sealed to avoid environment pollution.

2. The rubbish container is made of high strength weather-proof steel plate, featuring light weight, excellent reliability, strong corrosion resistance, and high compression ratio.

3. Our garbage truck with compactor boasts long service life due to the employment of the alloy guide rail sliding block with high abrasion resistance.

4. For high safety and reliability, the waste transportation truck comes with the loader equipped with self-locking oil cylinder and safety control rod, to provide second level protection to the workers.

5. Available in manual and electric operation mode, the truck control can be realized through the operation on the control device installed inside cab, in the middle or backside of the refuse collection truck.

6. The large container is capable of loading more waste, which effectively improves the loading capacity of the garbage truck with compactor.

7. The large volume sewage collecting tank, matched with sewage guiding device, prevent the waste water from leakage.

8. Based on customers' requirement, the rubbish lifting device is optional.

Technical Parameters

Truck Model QF5080ZYS
Chassis Model FOTON BJ1089VEJEA-FC
Emission Standard National IV
Engine Model/Power (kW) Cummins ISF3.8s4141/105
Max. Speed (km/h) 95
Sewage Collection Tank Volume ( L) ≥385