QF12LY Self-contained Compactor

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QF12LY Self-contained Compactor

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. The QF12LY self-contained compactor uses advanced microcomputer control system with memory and self diagnosis function. So, users can understand the operating conditions intuitively. In addition, fault can be detected and handled in time.

2. It comes with inlet particularly designed for large size rubbish, resulting in convenient and unimpeded garbage loading.

3. Equipped with powerful pusher, our trash compactor has large and stable pushing force. The compression density reaches up to 0.75t/m³. In addition, the smooth floor for the compression chamber makes for superior compression performance.

4. The key lock for the self-contained compactor increases the safety performance of management system. Conveniently, the graphic symbol indicates the rubbish loading conditions when 1/2, 3/4, and entire chamber is filled with rubbish.

5. Our automatic rubbish compacting equipment is engineered with pull-out type power supply, which contributes to strong resistance to water and sunshine. Safe and reliable, the maintenance for the leakproof self-contained compactor is much more convenient.

6. Aside from the firm structure and the high quality stainless steel plate container, the EPOM sealed discharging outlet for the self-contained compactor ensures the optimal airtightness, preventing the environment from secondary pollution.

7. The folding type rubbish bin hoisting mechanism greatly reduces the labor intensity. Convenient and labor-saving, the automatic garbage loading improves the working efficiency.

8. There is fixing device installed for the compression chamber, eliminating the rubbish dispersing.

9. Sturdy and durable, the inside and outside container for the eco-friendly garbage compactor is processed with shot peening, and acidproof and antirust technology.

10. The average noise level for the self-contained compactor is just 63dB, bringing enjoyable working environment to the workers.


Dimension (m) 2555×1647×1332 5200×2500×2750 5200×2500×2650 5550×2550×2650 6350×2550×2650
Rated Loading Capacity (m³) 3 12 12 15 18
Weight (kg) 499 4500 4500 5300 5500
Compressing Force (T) / ≥35 ≥35 ≥35 ≥35
Compression Cycle Time (s) / ≤55 ≤55 ≤45 ≤45
Garbage Compression Density (t/m³) / 0.7-0.85 0.7-0.85 0.75-0.85 0.75-0.85
Pusher Dimension (mm) / 500×1780 500×1780 500×1960 500×1960
Piston Stroke Volume (m³) / 1.2 1.2 1.47 1.47
Inlet Size (mm) 661×526 1220×1900 1220×1900 1400×2000 1400×2000
Inlet Ground Clearance (mm) 930 1600 1600 1700 1700
External Power Supply Voltage (V) / 380 380 380 380
Engine Power / 5.5 5.5 7.5 7.5
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