QF5021TSL Road Sweeper

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QF5021TSL Road Sweeper

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. The QF5021TSL road sweeper is equipped with air condition and heating device to provide comfortable working environment for the drivers in both summer and winter.
2. A hydraulic transmission engine from Japan Kubota is installed on the street sweeper.
3. The 240L standard garbage bin can be dismantled easily for cleaning.
4. Designed in hinge type steering structure, the road cleaner has small turning radius, making it possible for the cleaning in twisty and narrow place.
5. The suction system of the road sweeper utilizes air circulation blowback system installed with filter.
6. The road sweeping can be conducted with or without water.
7. This road cleaning equipment is designed with hydrostatic drive stepless speed regulation system and hydraulic steering gear for easy operation.
8. The panoramic glass cab brings wide vision for the driver during operation.
9. Thanks to the color LED monitor, drivers can get to know the situation behind the road sweeper during sweeping and backing-up.
10. Requiring little maintenance, the suction and filtering system is capable of cleaning the road dust rapidly.
11. Our sanitation equipment comes with a 150L water tank and a mini electric water pump to avoid dust rising during sweeping.
12. The main components for the road sweeper are imported from the internationally well-known suppliers.

Technical Specifications

Dimension (mm) 3250×1130×2130
Wheelbase (mm) 1200
Curb Weight (kg) 1400
Max. Total Mass (kg) 1800
Garbage Bin Volume (L) 240
Water Tank Volume (L) 150
Max. Sweeping Width (m) 1.8m
Sweeping Speed (km/h) 1-10
Suction Capacity/Granularity 45mm/Density 2.7g per cm3
Max. Travel Speed (km/h) 16
Min. Turning Radius (mm) 2200
Engine Kubota D1105 diesel engine
Rated Engine Power (kW/rpm) 18.1kW/2800rpm