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Refuse Transfer Station

LJYS100-CZ Vertical Compression of the Refuse Transfer Station

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The vertical compression of the refuse transfer station is one set of special equipment for environmental sanitation which is specific to mass household trash. It is used for our large advanced technique of refuse compression. This equipment features high efficiency of compression, strong environmental adaptation, high reliability and durability. Combined with the developed matched self-discharging refuse transfer vehicle, it will meet the need of refuse processing in small-medium cities and large towns.

Technical Parameters of the Refuse Transfer Station
Dimension (length x width x height): 5720x3350x6600mm
Rated daily refuse treatment capacity: 100t
Max. daily refuse treatment capacity: 120t
Compression cabin volume: 5.0m3
Compressive refuse lump size: 1850x1600x1500mm
Compressive refuse lump weight: 4x2=8t
Rated pressure: 21MPa
Power: 30kW

1. The refuse transfer station offers high efficiency of refuse compression, short circulation time, and high work efficiency.
2. It offers a compact outside size and low cost for outer construction.
3. It features multiposition operation. It can be operated in or out of the control room which is convenient and fast.
4. The main parts of the refuse transfer station use gritblasting, then spraying anti-corrosive primer, finally spraying Epoxy finish coat. The equipment is rust resistant in severe environments and its service life is extended.
5. The key component of the hydraulic system chooses with the international famous brand product, the system is of high reliability.

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